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The best way to contact me is on Twitter @kylewbanks.

If Twitter isn't your thing, you can reach me by email.

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Lift Tracker

Log your workouts, graph your progress. A clean and focused app that does away with all of the fluff found in similar apps, such as friends lists and online-syncing.

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Voiden for Android and iOS


Voiden is a platformer where you must restore the color that has been sucked out of your world.

Coming soon for Android and iOS.

Rdio Controller for Leap Motion

Rdio Controller for Leap Motion is the unofficial open source project that brings the power of Leap Motion gestures to Rdio.

Redis Documentation Companion

Keep a reference to the Redis documentation, wherever you go. In addition to the docs, check out client libraries and tools for making use of Redis.

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Wevuw: Review the Web

Wevuw: Review the Web

Wevuw allowed users to review the web by voting and commenting on any site on the internet. Originally available for Android and the Web, Wevuw has since been shut down to focus on other projects.

NHL Standings Widget

NHL Standings Widget

Keep up to date with the latest NHL standings with the unofficial NHL Standings Widget, right from your home or lock screen, with full customization.

The NHL Standings widget will become available for Android again in the near future.