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Back in May I started a series of posts about a 2.5D platforming game I’ve been, or rather was, working on called Siren Song. This is a game I started back in March and while I’m pretty proud of what it’s become from a personal growth perspective, as it’s the most sophisticated game I’ve ever made, I’m sadly ending it where it is now.
Two weeks ago my wife and I participated in the GMTK Game Jam 2020, a 48-hour online game jam where the goal was to develop a game that fit a particular theme announced at the start of the jam. Over 18,000 people signed up for the jam and in the end over 5,400 games were submitted, making it the largest online game jam ever.
It’s been about a week and a half since I first wrote about Siren Song, the 2.5D platforming/survival game I’ve been working on. Since then I’ve accomplished quite a bit, including a full rewrite of the movement systems, implementing the dive computer, tracking and limiting oxygen use with an exertion system, and a whole lot of work on adding in hazards like sharks, octopuses, fire coral, sea urchins, and more.

Siren Song, Devlog #1

May 23, 2020
It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything on this blog, but I’ve got a really solid side project going and figured it would be interesting to write about it. The project is a procedurally generated 3D platformer called Siren Song, where you play as a diver with ambitions to reach the deepest depths of the ocean.