Kyle Banks

Hey, I'm Kyle.

I'm a Toronto based developer, mostly focused on mobile, server-side, and system architecture programming and design. Most of my time is split evenly between Android, iOS, Go, Grails, Node.js, Unity3D, and AWS. I've been known dabble in back-end, front-end, games, hardware, desktop, and just about every other type of code as well.

Take a peak at my blog, check out my open source goodies on GitHub, and say hey to me on Twitter @kylewbanks.

Oh, and I'm also a competitive powerlifter.

Byter is an open source Clicker Game developed in 30 days for GitHub Game Off 2016.

Super S3 is a fully featured Amazon S3 file manager for your Android device and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Voiden is a platforming game featured an unlikely hero who has to restore the color that has been stolen from his world.

Coming soon for Android and iOS.

Commute times on the command line!

Log your workouts, graph your progress. A clean and focused app that does away with all of the fluff found in similar apps, such as friends lists and online-syncing.

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Rdio Controller for Leap Motion is the unofficial open source project that brings the power of Leap Motion gestures to Rdio.

Keep a reference to the Redis documentation, wherever you go. In addition to the docs, check out client libraries and tools for making use of Redis.

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Wevuw allowed users to review the web by voting and commenting on any site on the internet. Originally available for Android and the Web, Wevuw has since been shut down to focus on other projects.


btn is a Mac app that connects to a physical, Arduino based, button via USB. Users can select a number of actions to take when the button is pressed, such as launching application(s), opening URL(s) or executing a shell script.

Keep up to date with the latest NHL standings with the unofficial NHL Standings Widget, right from your home or lock screen, with full customization. Note that NHL Standings Widget is no longer available, but may return in the future.