Kyle Banks

Open Sourced: Android App

Written by @kylewbanks on Oct 12, 2013.

I've been working on a very simple Android app that fetches and displays blog posts from my site. As I was developing the app, I decided that it would probably be of more use to show people the source code than to actually release the app on Google Play, seeing as how a mobile device isn't the greatest way to view code snippets.

The source is up on GitHub and it's basically an extension of my previous post about fetching and parsing JSON using the GSON library.

The new app takes it to the next step by displaying the posts in a nicely styled ListView and allows the user view the full post by selecting it from the list. The source code should offer some help to people looking to use their own fonts, multiple activities, custom animations, and their own Application object.

In addition to the source code, I've written a few posts on some of the more exciting parts of the application, and walking through the steps of implementing them:

Here are a few screenshots of what you can expect to see in the app:

Screenshots of the Android App

Check it out on GitHub.

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