Kyle Banks

Introducing Metroid: A Real-Time Analytics Tracker for Node.js and DynamoDB

Written by @kylewbanks on Aug 24, 2015.

Often times when starting a project, I want a simple, cost-effective, and custom tailored system for tracking user events. In order to solve that problem, I created Metroid.

During the early days, weeks and even months of a project, when it's still mostly a prototype and you're looking to keep costs low, analytics are still crucial. I personally prefer not to pay monthly subscription fees for massive analytics platforms that I simply won't fully utilize, at least not until the project grows and matures. I'd prefer to keep costs low, and run an in-house, customizable analytics system that I can pop into any (Node.js) project, and start using in under 1 minute of setup time.

After writing such a system for a couple of projects, I decided to pool all the common components together into what is now Metroid.

Usage is simple, you only pay for the DynamoDB database (new project + free tier = FREE), and the system is flexible and robust enough to suit the basic needs of just about any prototype I've ever thrown at it.

Metroid is available on GitHub and can be installed via npm.

Check it out, let me know if you use it, and feel free to submit a pull request if you have an idea on how to improve the project.

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