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#ggo16 GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 16

#ggo16 GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 16

Written by @kylewbanks on Nov 16, 2016.

It’s just over the halfway point of GitHub’s Game Off 2016, and I’m just an hour or so away from being gameplay complete, meaning there will only be polish and tuning remaining. I haven’t made quite as much progress in the last few days as I had hoped (originally I had planned to be gameplay complete by now), however I’m still happy to be on track to complete the game jam in time.

Most of the work the past few days has been related to the Lost Packets, including displaying the number of lost packets retrieved in the stats menu, providing a reward for collecting a lost packet, and lighting/physics improvements to the lost packet model. The final piece remaining for gameplay completion is to simply display the lost packet reward on screen after a user collects them, but considering the reward is already being calculated and applied this is a very small remaining feature.

Byter Progress for GitHub Game Off 2016


Because there hasn’t been a lot of major progress on the game over the last few days, I figured this post would be better as more of a minimal changelog rather than the in-depth updates I wrote for previous posts.

Lost Packets

  • Number of Lost Packets retrieved is now displayed in the stats menu.
  • Lost Packets are smaller and move slightly quicker.
  • Better lighting performance on the Lost Packet spotlight.
  • Smoother movement of Lost Packets (no more acceleration, they now have consistent velocity).
  • Reward for collecting a Lost Packet.
  • Particle effect on Lost Packet collection (previously they fell to the ground).


  • Better scaling on Automation upgrades (not as powerful as before).
  • Better bits/sec calculation for the top menu.
  • Adjusting camera bounds used when panning the camera.
  • Various minor bug fixes and code cleanup.
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