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#ggo16 GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 23

#ggo16 GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 23

Written by @kylewbanks on Nov 23, 2016.

GitHub’s Game Off 2016 continues and it’s now day 23 of the Game Off, and if you’ve been following along with my progress you’ll know that a few days ago I published the first playable build of Byter at! From here on out it’s all tweaking, tuning, and polishing.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the progress over the last couple days. The following video shows off some of the polish I’ve added to the game, including a new intro animation, sliding a tutorial that explains the UI the first time you play, and trail renderers on the bits and Lost Packets.

I’ve noticed that the menu system has some very poor performance, even without the sliding animations, so I’ll certainly be trying to improve on those in the coming days. There’s very little time left in the competition for me because I’ll be heading to AWS re:Invent on Friday night, so I’ll be publishing and submitting Byter prior to that, but I’ll certainly see what I can do.

In any case, here’s the changelog for the last few days!



  • Sliding Menu animations.
  • Animation on the “additional bit value” text bubble below the top menu.
  • Added trail renderers to bits and Lost Packets.
  • Animate all objects in the scene into place at game launch.
  • Animate UI into place after the scene animation completes.
  • Tutorial Screen on first launch.


  • App Icon for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux builds.
  • Camera starts more zoomed out on mobile devices.
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